Sightseeing & Activities_

Not to be missed_

Diros Caves: A 40-minute boat ride in Vlychada, the largest cave of the Diros complex, with its beautiful formations of stalactites and stalagmites. Bound to be adored by children and grown-ups alike. It is a 50-minute drive from the house, but still worth it as its is considered one of the highlights of the area.

Gerolimenas: The perfect historic village for swimming, dining and walking.

Gythio: Beautiful fishing village on the east side with a long history and many interesting sights for tours.

Areopolis: A picturesque city built at the foot of Mount Agios Elias. It is a traditional settlement – one of the most beautiful in Greece.

Cape Tainaro: The mythical gates of the underworld and the southernmost point of mainland Greece.

Vathia: One of the most impressive traditional villages and definitely the most photographed in all of Mani.

Mystras: A fortified city on the slopes of Mount Taygetos, near the city of Sparta. It served as the capital of the Byzantine Despotate of Moria in the 14th and 15th century. The archeological site is located above the modern village of Mystras and the city of Sparta.

Archaeological site of Mycenae (Mycenae): On your way to Mani, visit the legendary kingdom of the Atreides, situated upon a small hill-top, inhabited since the Neolithic times (about 4000 BC).

Ancient Messene: One of the most important archaeological sites in Greece with major historic value. Located at the foothills of mount Ithomi, only a few kilometres away from the modern town of Messene and the International Airport of Kalamata. A well-preserved archaeological site, with impressive monuments and buildings.

Ancient Kardamili: Nestled on a gentle slope just behind the main street of the modern village is the mystical setting of Skardamoula (Old Kardamili): a small collection of abandoned yet well preserved fortified tower-houses clustered around a beautiful 18th century church. During the 19th century, Kardamili was the stronghold of the Troupakis-Mourtzinos clan which played very important roles in the Greek Revolution of 1821.

Zarnata Castle: One of four Post-Byzantine castles of Mani area, demolished by the Turks (Kambos).

Kastania Village: Walk the picturesque village of Kastania and enjoy the view while visiting 12th century Byzantine church of Agios Petros.

Areopoli: Visit the old fortified settlement of with its stone cobbled streets, the Byzantine churches and the mystical Towers.

Limeni: Τhis coastal village is a true gem with its turquoise waters and imposing towers.

Gerolimenas: Τranslates as Old Port, a small fishing village that lies below the bluff of the dramatic Cavo Grosso.

Porto Kagio: Τhe fishing village with a historic port that was mentioned by the famous traveller Pausanias.

Cape Tenaro & Lighthouse:  A jaw dropping 45 minute trekking at the southernmost part of Peloponnese, a frightening marine passage and dangerous place for wooden boats in the antiquity.

Neda Waterfalls:  One of few rivers in Greece with a female name (named after the ancient nymph Neda) the river locates on the north side of the prefecture of Messene with a length of 32km and several outstanding hiking trails with high vegetation.

Waterfalls and Lake Polylimni: Also known as the “blue lake” of Messinia. A unique habitat whose vivid colours and images leave an indelible in visitors’

Kalogria: Explore the caves on the left side of the bay of Kalogria (towards Stoupa beach), a place from which Kazantzakis often drew inspiration for his literary work.


Hiking in Noupanti gorge & Ridomo gorge.

Seaside ride / mountain bike on a path between Stoupa and Agios Nikolaos.

Kayaking along the coastline of Stoupa & Kardamili

Horse Riding (Proastio & Agios Nikolaos)