Mediterranean Cuisine at its Best_

During your trip to Messinian Mani you will find local, unique flavors and dishes that honor the fresh ingredients of our place and are made with the traditional techniques of the area, dominated by oil (which is rightly considered one of the best in the world), fruits and vegetables, wild herbs, aromatic Taygetus herbs and of course fresh seafood and fish.

Do not forget to try_

Babanatsa (or oregano or paspala) which is simply bread, oil, tomato, coarse local salt and feta.

Saitia A traditional pie made with various aromatic herbs and a very thin sheet.

Paspala with trachana and pork, a festive dish, which according to tradition is served mainly at weddings and joys.

Lalangia or pancakes These are savory pieces of dough fried with a specific design, which contain olive oil, yeast, cinnamon and salt. They are available in different versions: crunchy, honeyed, syrupy, with local gruyere and tomato, whole and with pepper or sesame.

Milk pie The traditional dessert of the area. This is a sweet pie, which they used to make at Easter with milk and flour and eggs, flavored with plenty of cinnamon.

Kayana. Grated tomatoes, eggs, pork or condensed pork, cheese, olive oil, fresh pepper and oregano are mixed and fried resulting in a delicious dish.

Sygklino A local Mani product. The smoked pork is prepared in a special way, after it is cut into strips and left for three days in salt, to be hung and smoked with sage for ten hours.

Pies Pieces of leaf fried in plenty of olive oil. The well-known “pullers” traditional pies, pancakes that got their name because they pull the edges of the dough while throwing them in the pan.Before taking the road back, do not forget to get olives, olive oil, honey, capers, oregano, pastries and jams.